Pump Gaskets

Using pump gaskets helps to prevent leaks, which can cause damage to the pump and other equipment and can result in costly downtime and repairs.

Pump gaskets provide a tight seal between the pump’s components, and they can prevent the escape of liquids, gasses, and other fluids that the pump is handling. Properly sealed pumps operate with few problems, requiring less operational energy.

Pump gaskets are also relatively inexpensive and easy to replace, which can help to minimize downtime and maintenance costs. Pump gaskets are typically made of durable materials and they can withstand a wide range of temperatures, pressures, and chemical environments. This makes them an excellent choice for a wide range of pumping applications.

Use Water Pump Gaskets To Prevent Leaks and Ensures Efficient Operation

Water pump gaskets seal connective points between the various parts of a water pump. You will often find them within the pump housing, impeller, and shaft. These gaskets are made from materials that can withstand high pressure and temperature from the pumping process. Water pump gaskets prevent leaks and contribute to the efficiency of the pump.


Taco gland gaskets are used in a specific type of pump known as a Taco pump. These pumps are commonly used in heating and cooling systems and are known for their reliability and efficiency.


The Aurora Volute Gasket is a flat gasket that is designed to provide a tight seal between the volute and the casing of the pump.

Bell & Gossett

The Bell & Gossett Impeller Gasket is a circular gasket that is designed to seal the impeller to the pump shaft. The gasket is resistant to chemical corrosion and high temperatures.


The Goulds Bearing case Gasket is a flat gasket that provides a seal between the bearing case and the pump casing.

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Centrifugal Pump Gaskets: Efficient Operations in a Wide Range of Applications

Centrifugal pump gaskets are found in centrifugal pumps and are used in complex operations, including water treatment, chemical processing, and industrial manufacturing. Centrifugal pump gaskets are made of rubber or silicone and seal the connections between the various pump parts. Like other gaskets, their role is to prevent leaks and ensure that it operates efficiently.

The Right Gasket for Any Pumping Application

Pump gasket is simply a generic term that can refer to any gasket used in a pump. This can include water pump gaskets, taco pump gaskets, centrifugal pump gaskets, and many other gaskets. The specific type of gasket needed will depend on the particular kind of pump and conditions.

Pump Flange Gasket Is A Durable Sealing Option for Pump Flanges

Pump flange gaskets are used in reciprocating, centrifugal, and positive displacement pumps. They seal the connection points between two flanges on the pump. Like other gaskets, they help prevent leaks and keep the pump running optimally.

Pump flange gaskets are typically made of materials such as rubber or silicone, and they are available in a range of sizes and designs to suit different applications. Properly install and regularly maintain pump flange gaskets to ensure the pump continues to function properly. 

Shop Mechanical Pump Gaskets at Platinum Performance Products

You will find mechanical pump gaskets in every kind of mechanical pump on the market. They prevent leaks and minimize downtime from pump failures. Platinum Performance Product pump gaskets are made from durable materials that provide maximum strength and reliability.

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