Replacement Speck Pumps .625 Type VS2100 Mechanical Seal


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Product Code : 2920060603


The Replacement Speck Pumps .625 Type VS2100 Mechanical Seal is designed to fit a range of Speck pump models, including 2920060603, 60603-200, A91, A91-11VSP, BADU Pro Series, ES90, and ES90-II.

This replacement seal is the key to maintaining a leak-free and efficient operations. Our Premier Viton service Mechanical Seal is engineered with precision using BVVFF – SCG, Ceramic, FKM, and SS materials.

The winning combination of materials ensures exceptional durability, making our replacement seal ready to handle the demands of pool and spa environments. Say goodbye to leaks and hello to worry-free performance!

The Replacement Speck Pumps .625 Type VS2100 Mechanical Seal is lightweight and easy to install. No complicated modifications needed. Replace your old seal with our superior alternative to OEM 2920060603, PS-200, PS-3867, and 60603-200, and get ready to embark on maximum operations.

Mechanical seals create a watertight seal between the pump and motor, preventing leaks and ensuring optimal operation. Our replacement seal not only provides a perfect fit but also surpasses the quality of the original OEM product. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your pool or spa is protected.

Take your pool or spa to the next level with our high-quality replacement mechanical seals. Order today.

Replaces OEM: 2920060603 , PS-200, PS-3867, 60603-200


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Dimensions5 × 5 × 4 in


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