Replacement Astral Pool .625″ Type VS6A Mechanical Seal

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Ever wondered what keeps your pool clean and inviting all year round? Meet the top-of-the-line Replacement Astral Pool .625″ Type VS6A Mechanical Seal from Platinum Performance Products.

This product, far from just being a ‘replacement,’ enhances the efficiency of your machines, ensuring that they run smoothly without hiccups. Expertly designed to fit the Astramax series 1600, it offers impeccable reliability and extraordinary durability far exceeding the original.

Platinum Performance Products is your trusted partner in bringing unmatched quality to your industry. With six decades of rich expertise in the pump parts industry, our commitment to offering the best mechanical seals and pump components remains unwavering. We pride ourselves on our ability to source innovative solutions and transform them into reliable products. And our Replacement Astral Pool .625″ Type VS6A Mechanical Seal is a testament to our dedication.

Don’t let worn-out parts lower your machine’s performance. Act now and invest in the top-tier Replacement Astral Pool .625″ Type VS6A Mechanical Seal.

Made of high-end BVVFF – SCG, Ceramic, FKM, and Stainless Steel (SS), it’s designed to effortlessly replace OEM: Series 1600, PS-3865R. So why wait? Let your business enjoy an unparalleled performance by ordering this state-of-the-art replacement seal today. Bask in the assurance of our innovation – at Platinum Performance Products, we make your machines run better.

Replaces OEM: Series 1600 and PS-3865R

Disclaimer: Platinum Performance Products provides parts that are compatible with or can replace different original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. The mention of any OEM names, trademarks, model numbers, or part numbers is purely for reference and does not indicate that we are an authorized distributor or representative of the listed companies and brands. We do not claim any association or affiliation with any of the OEM manufacturers mentioned on our website or in our product descriptions.

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