Lantern Rings

The role of Lantern Rings in Centrifugal & Reciprocating pumps

Lantern rings are designed to lubricate packing and reciprocating and centrifugal pumps.

Types of Pump Lantern Rings

Lantern rings are available in various designs and materials, depending on the specific application and the type of pump.

Bronze lantern rings

Bronze lantern rings are made from a high-quality bronze alloy, such as C93800 or C95500. These rings demonstrate excellent strength, which is why they are used in heavy-duty processes with abrasive or corrosive liquids. These rings have a maximum operating temperature of 350°F and can withstand pressures up to 1,500 psi.

Stainless steel lantern rings

Contact bearing isolators (you may also know them called face seals or contact seals) use direct contact between the seal and the rotating shaft or another component to create a barrier against contamination. Contact bearing isolators are made of flexible materials, like rubber or polyurethane.

Plastic lantern rings

Plastic lantern rings are used in low-pressure environments that lightweight, high-strength plastics can withstand. The nylon or polyethylene plastic lantern rings are used in pumps that handle clean water or other non-abrasive liquids. These rings have a maximum operating temperature of 250°F and can only withstand pressures up to 600 psi.

Importance of Maintaining and Replacing Your Pump Lantern Ring

Maintaining and replacing the lantern ring in your centrifugal and reciprocating is important to maintain lubrication to your packing. Over time, lantern rings can become worn or damaged, which can cause many problems. For example, a worn lantern ring may not provide adequate support for the pump shaft, which can cause misalignment and reduce the pump’s efficiency. In addition, a damaged lantern ring may allow debris or contaminants to enter the pump, which can cause further damage and reduce the pump’s performance.

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Inspecting and maintaining your lantern rings to prevent problems regularly is essential. If a lantern ring shows signs of wear or damage, it should be replaced as soon as possible to ensure the continued operation of the pump. At Platinum Performance Products, we offer a wide range of replacement lantern rings for all types of pumps and expert advice and support to help you find the right lantern ring for your specific application.

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