Replacement Wheatley Series 5 Valve Abrasive resistant Valve

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Product Code : PV-AR5A-13


Are you tired of incessantly replacing faulty valves? Introducing the premium Replacement Wheatley Series 5 Abrasive-Resistant Valve from Platinum Performance Products.

Our replacement valve is made to effortlessly fit the following Wheatley pump models: 110Q3L, 110Q3M, 5P-323, HP-125M, P323, Q3115M/AM, Q3150M/AM, T-365M, T385M. It’s also the prime replacement for OEM 5SV2S-13, and AR5A-13. With our Replacement Wheatley Series 5 Abrasive-Resistant Valve, say goodbye to inefficiency and hello to seamless operation and longevity.

Since 2012, Platinum Performance Products has been a trusted ally for industries that rely on commercial and industrial pump machinery. Our commitment is to provide innovative and reliable replacement parts that outperform original components in durability and performance.

Serving diverse industries, we pride ourselves on offering outstanding value and superior customer service. When you choose Platinum, you’re not just purchasing a product but investing in assurance and quality.

Why settle for less when a premium solution is at your fingertips? Call us today, and let us offer you a competitive quote for our Replacement Wheatley Series 5 Abrasive-Resistant Valve. Witness firsthand how Platinum Performance Products can revolutionize your operation, one part at a time.

Replaces OEM: 5SV2S-13, AR5A-13

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