Wheatley 2.250″ X 3.00″ X 2.250″, Gold Plunger Packing set


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At Platinum Performance Products, we believe in a commitment to excellence by offering premium aftermarket solutions for discerning clients. Today, we spotlight our Replacement Wheatley 2.250″ X 3.00″ X 2.250″ Gold Plunger Packing Set.

This meticulously designed replacement plunger packing set is made to fit an array of Wheatley pump models: 5P-300, 5P-323, 5P-330, HP-100M, HP-125M, HP-160M, HP-165M, HP-225M, HP-250M, HP-360M, HP-600M, P-323, P-330, P-364, P-530, P-530A, P-630, P-630A, Q-4140M, SP-300, T-365M, and T-4140M.

Our aftermarket gold plunger packing set serves as a robust replacement for OEM parts Utex #0838-01-0119-19 and Coorstek #2250-838-02, providing an unparalleled boost in performance and durability. The Replacement Wheatley 2.250″ X 3.00″ X 2.250″ Gold Plunger Packing Set ensures a seamless fit and efficient performance.

Wheatley pumps, known for their high output and reliability, achieve optimal performance with our replacement gold plunger packing set. Constructed from high-grade materials, the replacement plunger packing set from Platinum Performance Products assures resilience against intensive operational demands, extending your pumps’ lifespan and elevating overall productivity.

The purpose of the replacement plunger packing set for Wheatley pumps extends beyond basic functionality – it stands as a testament to quality, precision, and robustness. Investing in our aftermarket products is not just a procurement decision; it’s a strategic move toward high operational standards.

Go for Platinum Performance Products for your Wheatley pumps and enjoy the confidence from deploying superior quality aftermarket components. Our Replacement Wheatley 2.250″ X 3.00″ X 2.250″ Gold Plunger Packing Set is not just a product; it’s a pledge to deliver excellence in performance and quality.

Replaces OEM: Utex# 0838-01-0119-19 | Coorstek# 2250-838-02

Weight0.2 lbs
Dimensions4 × 4 × 3 in


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